Five International Book Bloggers You Should (HAVE TO) Follow For Bookish Bliss

Being a book blogger isn’t easy. It includes binge-reading other book blogs, having heart-eyes every time one comes across a gorgeous book blog, and spilling the love all over the other amazing book blogs through likes and comments. Yeah, I’m basically stating my book blogger routine.

Since I spend so much time being slightly obsessed with some book blogs, I thought I’ll put this obsession to good use and craft a
very helpful post for all the book lovers out there.

So here are five book blogs you can obsess over 
and nobody will judge you!


Evelina is a talented book blogger whose taste in books is varied and love for other book bloggers is beyond the sky. She’s a Lithuanian book blogger who has always stood up for the International bloggers and has even set up a support group for new bloggers.

I remember our first encounter–it was a tweet to which she replied enthusiastically and I was instantly impressed by her strong opinions and the power to voice them out. Instantly, I decided to interview her. There’s no turning back now! I’m always impressed by her.

She’s always excited to read books that are not hyped up or the ones everyone is running behind. And the best part? She lands up reading one of the best books and recommends them till the end of it. Evelina is always reading and supporting diversity and women empowerment–something you can look for yourself when browsing through these topics on her blog.

Not only this, she also has a meme set up for motivating other book bloggers (and herself) to cut down the number of pending ARCs they have on their shelf. So if you’re someone who has a large number of ARCs still on your TBR, go ahead and join the meme–you’ll be able to connect with others who are in the same boat and there are themes you can follow to encourage yourself.

Lastly, she’s an overall amazing person. You can talk to her whenever you feel like, ask for her help and you’ll never hear a no, or keep appreciating her because she deserves it all.


Shealea is one of my blogging inspirations. Her blog was one of the first ones I came across when I started taking an interest into book blogging–yes, even before I started my own book blog. I would endlessly scroll through her posts and keep reading because not only is the blog beautiful but it’s even one of the best, and most well-written, content out there.

It was only later in my blogging journey that I finally decided to start commenting on her posts and being more vocal about how much her content inspires me and how much I look up to her. Luckily, she didn’t think of my constant appreciation and applause as an obsession *phew* and even liked me as a book blogger. No, wait! Before you accuse me of living in my own head, I have proof: Shealea’s Favourite Book Blogs LOL, yeah, I’m still in the air, no kidding!

And we even became pretty good bookish friends who accidentally buddy read an amazing poetry collection–Sister’s Entrance.

All that aside, she’s an absolutely supportive blogger who has been in the community for pretty long but she never makes you feel like you’re new to the game. She’ll always have your back, just like she has the back of diversity and Asian representation. Shealea is a huge advocate of using books and literature as a door to diverse representation and doesn’t shy away from voicing out her concerns or applauding the books that she loved in this context.

A book blogger who’s working to bring about a change? I present to you, Shealea! A few posts that you should definitely check out (and then endlessly scroll through the entirety of her blog) are: Asian debut authors (aka why 2019 will be the Year of the Asian || 8 books from Asian authors that I absolutely loved in 2018 (and will love for the rest of time

Lastly, she’s an overall amazing person. You can gush about great reads with her and also discuss everything related to book blogging and reading-of course, diversity and representation conversations will give you the best time ever!



Marie is not only a creative, supportive, and a great book blogger, but she’s even a kind soul who helps out and motivates other bloggers at the same time. Whether it’s her posts that are wonderfully written and put-together or her honestly sweet comments on other blogs, she goes all out and that’s what puts her to this list.

She was one of the top bloggers I had started interacting with in my early days of blogging and never did she leave a comment un-replied. She takes out the time to even check out your blog and spread some love–despite being super busy herself and just so consistent with her blog. Not only is she a great writer and content creator, but she’s also a huge enthusiast about supporting international bloggers which can be seen even in her Work With Me policy where she only accepts to host giveaways that are international.

Recently, I decided to take a leap and ask her for an interview because I think she can provide immense tips and tricks regarding book blogging and she has agreed! So keep an eye out for an Interview with Marie.

Not only this, Marie is also quite vocal about her bookish opinions and loves to weave together book discussions like WHY I DON’T RE-READ and WHY I DON’T BINGE-READ (LIKE, EVER) that will entertain you while also getting to know her more as a reader. She even loves to post helpful content for the fellow book bloggers like HOW TO AVOID THE HYPE AS A BOOK BLOGGER (CAN YOU REALLY?)

If you’re already impressed by Marie, then be prepared to become a fan once you know she also blogs about her travel trips. And she’s also a writer and once in a while, decides to talk about it and blog about it.

All in all, she’s a great person who will not only give you loads of amazing and genuinely helpful content but will also support you as a content creator yourself! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and follow her everywhere! Though, she’ll most likely keep you alongside instead of behind you.


Fadwa is a true inspiration when it comes to diverse book bloggers who stand up for more diversity in the bookish world, or stand up against the lack of diversity. She has always been a supporter of characters with different skin colours, different mental statuses, and different sexual preferences. And she openly states that on her blog: “I will be mainly showcasing books featuring or/and written by marginalized voices.”

She was one of those bloggers who I admired from afar and just appreciated everything she does for the diverse book bloggers or the diverse representation in books. Until recently when I finally decided to comment on her Instagram pictures and blog posts. She’s honestly an amazing woman who somehow manages both her studies (as a medical student) and her passion for books.

Recently, I thought of trying (after a LOT of thinking) to approach her for an interview and when she agreed, I was the happiest person on Earth. So keep an eye out for an Interview with Fadwa!

She also has a bag full of discussions by diverse book bloggers around the world under the heading: Diverse Book Bloggers Discuss where you can see some amazing posts like: WHERE ARE ALL THE BRITISH PAKISTANI AUTHORS IN YA? or PANSEXUALITY IN LITERATURE.

Not only this, Fadwa is also a sensitivity reader so if you’re a writer or author reading this, you can check out her specifics here and get a great feedback on the representation in your book.

A great book blogger with a vision that can actually change the book community, Fadwa is an 
amazing bookish soul who doesn’t shy away from speaking up for the change she aims to bring.


Simant is a fellow Indian book blogger who is a superwoman, no kidding! She has a full-time job, a married life and a baby on the way (WOHOOO!) but does that stop her from creating amazing content? You bet, no! Right from Book Reviews to Bookish Ramblings, Simant goes all out when it comes to talking about the books she read and loved.

One of the first blogger friends I ever made, Simant has supported me in almost any and everything. She’s not only the first one to comment on my Instagram posts and tweets when no one else does, but she also grants my bookish wishes like The Poet X and Circe. Being the cool people that we are (ahem, no self-acclamation) we also decided to work together on a book club! Classics N Christie is aimed at reading one classic and one Agatha Christie book every month, join us on Instagram or Goodreads.

And if you’re wondering how Simant manages all this and so much more, you can read this interview of her–hosted by me!

She also posts some highly helpful content through her series, Blogging 101 where she lays out some greatly put-together essentials of blogging, like: 8 Reasons Why Graphics are Important for Your Blog or 10 Things Your Blog Needs If You Are a New Blogger (or not)

Simant’s love for book blogging and books will make you want to be her friend instantly, and don’t worry, she’s a sweet soul who will happily help you out and support you in the passion you 
share with her–books! So go on, follow her and find the ultimate bookish bliss. 

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22 / she | a desi blogger who loves books and anything related to stories! focuses on south-asian representation in literature, a writer working on a hindu eschatology-based fantasy.

24 thoughts on “Five International Book Bloggers You Should (HAVE TO) Follow For Bookish Bliss

  1. Thank you, Fanna, for including me in this list along with other awesome bloggers. Do I really deserve this? Lol, don’t know but you are amazing πŸ™‚ And I am such a fan of your designing skills and blogging voice. Sometimes you really make me think, is this girl’s age is really 20? πŸ˜€ This is an amazing list and I am excited to read the interview of Marie. She is definitely my most favourite blogger out there πŸ™‚


  2. I might be crying while reading this. Just a tiny little bit.
    Fanna, thank you so, so much for all of your sweet words about me and my blog, honestly I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for your support and everything, too. It means the world that you appreciate my content and work and to be mentioned alongside all of these absolutely INCREDIBLE book bloggers I love and admire all so much. Thank you for thinking of me, I’m at a loss for words and happy and emotional right now, I love you, you’re the sweetest 😭😭❀️❀️❀️


  3. Fanna, thank you so much! It took me so long to look at this (things have been hectic) and this makes my day tremendously better! (I’ll have to message you later about my misadventures tonight. Oh my god. You won’t even believe it. I don’t have anxiety, I AM anxiety today.)

    Anyway, this is one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever written about me ❀ this community keeps on giving! It always cheers me up even when times are rough. It always gives me the will to live. And your description is so inclusive! It has EVERYTHING that basically characterizes my blog. I've said this before and I'll say it again – I think you could make a perfect journalist. You have the right mind for it!

    Thank you so much for making my quite difficult and stressful day so much brighter ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m SO GLAD you loved this, Evelina! I think I can’t say it enough how much I love you and your blog; you’ve definitely been an inspiration and will always be ❀

      I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with you through chats, university is really becoming hectic but I got my results and they were really good so I'm gonna lay back now XD

      I think you calling me a journalist makes it sound legit, haha. I'm genuinely so happy you've found a little sunshine through this post ❀ ❀


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