Guest posts are one of the best ways to get some refreshing voices over on this blog and this time I have the lovely Clo [Book Dragons] who is not just a great blogger but also a really good poet. So get yourself ready to be blown away by this sweetest poem she has written to pronounce her love for books. Oh, and it’s too relatable! But first, let’s welcome her.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Fanna for letting me guest post on her blog! Secondly, I’m Clo and I blog over at Book Dragons (as well as bi-weekly over Bookwyrming Thoughts which is owned and run by Sophia!) I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this but before I even started my blog, I was writing stories…then poems and lyrics too.

You can find some of my work on Wattpad but today, I’m going to be sharing with you what I love most about books, in a poem I created.


entangled in blankets
rustling of pages break the silence
as they fall deeper
into a world they wish
was their’s

meeting people they soon
call their friends
even if you can’t see them
they can

laughter fills their room
laughing at ink on paper

the ink weaves into their heart
making them care for
someone they can never have

changing position once more
last half of the story
eyes focused solely on the book
you may speak, they won’t hear
lost in a world where they’re heard

you may see them distressed
wishing they could give a character
a piece of their mind

you may watch their breathing increase
eyes dancing with mirth, if only for a second
one by one tears fall
as a book just shaped them

as characters made them feel heard
made them feel pain, love, heartache
as a book stole their breath away
not for the first time nor the last

placing it back on the shelf
a faint smile on their face
a happiness in their eyes
that only a book can give them
they escaped reality for a while
now it’s time to return

Disclaimer: This poem was written and created by Clo @ Book Dragons, it should only be seen here on Fanna’s blog. If you see it anywhere else please let one of us know.

16 replies on “Guest Post || Clo [Book Dragons] Writes A Poem On Her Love For Books

  1. I had to smile, this poem made me quite nostalgic from when I was a kid reading in bed under the covers, I guess sometimes I treat reading like a chore so it was nice to be reminded of just exactly how much joy it does give me usually 🙂

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    1. *hugs* I remember hiding a book under the covers, but I couldn’t read under the covers, no light source and my arms would already be aching from holding the book haha

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  2. Aww Clo this is good! I got this little smile on my face (can’t laugh out loud since I’m at work), and I can just relate to it all! Now I want to read. Damnit. I still have 4 hours to go 😦

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  3. that’s it, that’s the thing and you’ve put it perfectly into words — the longing to be in another world with another set of people (characters), the power of ink and paper. there really is nothing like a book to transport us away from reality, if only temporarily. 💕

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