Ever found yourself in a blogging slump? That weird time window where everything looks fun to read and inspiration is everywhere but nothing motivates you enough to actually create and post is the absolute worst and frustrating. It can make any blogging task seem too much of a work rather than something you do out of passion or happiness. And we absolutely don’t want that! So here’s a list of ideas that are easy to write or create to come up with some fresh content for your book blog.

1. 100 Thoughts While Reading [ABC]

Writing blog posts can be difficult for some book bloggers but if there’s one thing they often find themselves doing, it’s reading. When you can’t find your voice to write a book review for the any you’ve recently finished, you can totally try this idea: note down or collect your thoughts while reading a book. Now put them together along with some gifs (if that’s your style) and ta da, you have a blog post that readers who have already loved this book of yours will relate to and those who haven’t read it yet will find a new recommendation told through a creative way. Karina from AfirePages first started posting such thoughts and since then, many book bloggers have given it a try and had much fun.

2. Five Things I Could Blog About If I Wasn’t Blogging About Books

It’s easy for many readers to assume that the person behind a book blog is such an avid reader that they love only books, and if there’s something I can strongly contradict, it’s this! Book bloggers never only love books. Some bloggers like another activity or two while some bloggers have an overflowing passion for many other things. Writing a blog post that won’t require you to search for any content (except for searching within yourself what you’re passionate about) will help you draft it more quickly and without the fear of being in a slump.

3. Ten Quotes From [ABC] That Will Compel You To Pick It Up

Like I already mentioned in the first point, sometimes writing book reviews is a tedious process and during a slump, they’re the most difficult to draft. For the piled up books that you’ve already read and enjoyed during the time you were meant to be blogging (according to that time blocked calendar that you assume will drive you towards productivity), you don’t need to write a review for it to be recommended. Simply compile some quotes from a book and put it together. So many readers love quotes far more than they like full prose and through these posts where you list down quotes, they can even find their next favourite read!

4. You Need To See These Fan-Art If You Loved [ABC]

Fan-arts are amazing for book lovers. It helps them imagine their characters even more vividly and if you can help your audience experience that within a single post, you’ll be compiling some good content while also blessing your eyes. Recently loved a book that you can’t stop thinking about, that you can’t stop reading reviews about, that you can’t stop searching fan-art of? Select your favourite prints or sketches or other fan-art and put them together in a post. But please, don’t forget to credit the artists who created the stunning art you’ll be promoting.

5. Five Times I Fell In Love With This Author For [Their] Tweets

Twitter is always brimming with some amazing tweets; funny, woke, educational, inspirational, sad, etc. And what makes Book Twitter so amazing is the strong presence of so many authors who are loved by their readers. Many authors, in fact, start building such great friendships and following even before their works are published. If you recently read a book and loved it, and thought you’ll go ahead and follow the author on Twitter, to find they’re giving you just as much joy on this blue-black screen as they did through their books, you can shout this love to the world. Let the world see, through your post, what they might be missing. And this’ll help you recommend your favourite books and authors to your audience too!

14 replies on “5 Fun Ideas To Get Out of A Book Blogging Slump

  1. This is such a great post! I can totally relate to what you said on the intro. Also, thank you so much for mentioning me, Fanna! I’m not actually the “very” first one because the idea came from Epic Reads. But I really appreciate it! (Have u seen my post for TPW? Ugh I just noticed that the last part went missing when I edited it on WordPress app 😭) Everything in this post is helpful but I especially love no. 5 because I love some authors solely because of their tweets πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ Thank you for writing this!


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