October 2020 Book Haul | Overflowing Netgalley Shelf + Breaking A Buying Ban + 3 Gifts That Made Me Happy!

Quincredible Vol. 1 by Rodney Barnes

A 2021 collection of comics based on a young guy getting a superpower of invulnerability that he believes to be useless but he soon finds ways to help the community and become a hero, and with that comes villainous forces. I’m assuming it’s a simply superhero tale, which is great since I’m trying to dive into this subgenre more; especially after I couldn’t get into The Extraordinaries by T.J. Klune. Maybe reading this will make me more interested in the latter?

Delicates by Brenna Thummler

Another 2021 graphic novel I’m so very excited to read. I have loved Sheets, the first part in this series, and there has almost never been a time when someone asked for graphic novel recommendations and I haven’t added Sheets to the list. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m missing the art, the characters, and the cuteness of a ghost family in a laundromat.

A River Called Time by Courttia Newland

When a speculative fiction comes across, I need to pay attention to it. And when it promises politics, love, and consciousness sprayed across parallel Londons, I’m fixated. Long story short, I’m excited to read this SFF, especially for the reimagining of African diaspora’s influence on England.

The Girl and the Goddess by Nikita Gill

You say one of my favorite poets has a new release, a novel-in-verse, and don’t expect me to do everything I can to read it asap? I was a little late in approaching the publishers for an early copy since this book that explores tales and legends from Hindu mythology through a young girl’s story in a family still reeling from the pains of Partition, is already out but I finally have it so yay.

Rea and the Blood of the Nectar by Payal Doshi

I try to read every South Asian book so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this 2021 middle-grade fantasy set in one of the most beautiful cities of Indi—Darjeeling—was instantly clicked by me when I saw it on the ‘read now’ shelf on Netgalley.

Last One At The Party by Bethany Clift

I’ve been trying to find a science fiction with humorous undertones, something like Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith, but have been weary with dystopian or apocalyptic themes after trying a title or two in the past months and being disappointed. I think there was a golden time for the world ending books to actually appeal to me, but I’m ready to give this book a chance for how close in the timeline it’s set in (2023).

The Awakening by Nora Roberts

A famous author I haven’t read yet, which is honestly a surprise because I do have a paperback of Year One. I am interested in the whole urban fantasy vibes of this book but the truth is, I simply like to try the most recent books by famous authors to see if I’d actually want to read everything from their backlist titles or not. It saves me so much time.

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

I’ve already made it clear that I don’t support this book at all, but I do believe that being a reviewer makes me responsible to influence through a stance that stems from actually reading a book , especially when a non-ownvoices author writes a biracial main character with Indian heritage. So I will be reading this but only to reiterate how this biracial character is set up to garner diversity points. 

Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

I have been eyeing this book since July, particularly because I’ve sought to read more adult romances since last year, like Get A Life, Chloe Brown & You Had Me At Hola, but realized that desi characters have been missing so when a publicist approached me to read this early, I jumped with happiness.

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

I mean, who isn’t excited for this start to a high fantasy trilogy? Ever since the cover reveal in March, I have been trying to read this West-African coded fantasy early and when the release date shifted to next year, I knew I need to request it again and oh wow, my TBR has been blessed.

The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji

I’m always looking to read more translated works and when a translated fiction is a whodunit mystery, especially by Japanese writers who make it so authentic, you will find me reading it if I get the opportunity. So when this upcoming translated edition came up on Netgalley, I requested so fast.

A Curse of Roses by Diana Pinguicha

A f/f YA fantasy romance. A curse around food and flowers. That’s it. I think that should perfectly explain why I’m very eager to read this upcoming book.

Rise of the Red Hand by Olivia Chadha

Ever since I came across this science fiction based on the horrifying climate change of South Asia in March, I was impressed by the themes of political selfishness and technocratic governance being promised. I can finally read it now and nothing makes me happier.

Revenge of the Sluts by Natalie Walton

So far, all the books that have completed a journey of being on the screens of Wattpad to being on the shelves, I’ve enjoyed reading them. Every such title also takes me back to the years I wrote and read on Wattpad so I guess some part of it is nostalgia and the other is me simply being happy to see good books from there actually making it.

The Sisters Grimm by Menna Van Praag

I won this in a giveaway by the author! Honestly, I don’t know much about it but I’ve seen it all around bookstagram, especially around its release back in March,  and have heard words like dark, edgy, magic, and mystery, which is a really good combo for my reading taste so I’m looking forward to reading it…someday.

The Poppy War & The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

I love all the hype this trilogy is getting but I remember reading an early copy of it (which I read after the release, like the usual mistakes I make) and promising myself that I’ll hold a copy of it soon. Then I waited for my budget spreadsheet to give me some possibility of splurging on the first book and the sequel but as a student who needs to finance her living and future education by herself, I was broke for books. And then the pandemic landed like a curse and there was no way I was buying a book in the middle of an economic downfall. But finally, a few weeks ago, I came across the best possible deal and just bought these two babies, and I might cry talking about it all so let’s just say I’m very very very happy. Oh, and your girl just got an eARC of the much awaited finale of this trilogy!

An Ember in the Ashes, A Torch Against The Night, and A Reaper At The Gates by Sabaa Tahir

Let me spell out best for you: G A R G E E. Yes, Gargee is such an amazing friend; she legit bought happiness for me during my exam week and while I’d made a secret little deal with her, I’m still so surprised and excited to hold these three beautiful books. And just in time for the last one to hit the shelves. If you follow me on Goodreads or Instagram, you already know that I did start listening to AEITA’s audiobook but stopped halfway because Helene was so annoying, I just couldn’t listen to any of her dialogues and thought the best way to read this series is by skimming through her dialogues— which can only happen if I hold a book in my hands and turn the page. So I kept it aside, but had to witness Gargee’s wrath upon not finishing one of her favorite books ever. Though, Gargee’s wrath fulfilled one of the best wishes ever so I guess it’s all for the good.

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6 thoughts on “October 2020 Book Haul | Overflowing Netgalley Shelf + Breaking A Buying Ban + 3 Gifts That Made Me Happy!

  1. Fanna, this haul is amazing! I got Delicates and RIse of the Hand of the Red Hand too! And you got so many amazing arcs. I have been requesting only a couple of 2021 arcs so that I don’t overwhelm myself next year again.
    ANd i feel like i am the only one now who hasn’t read THe POppy War triology 😭 If i read the first book, will you read the next with me? 😔 Same for Ember in the Ashes series!


  2. Love ya tons Fanna and loved looking at all the books you’ve recently got!! EMBER YAY I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. Also so eager to get my hands on The Poppy War trilogy. And Of Curses and Roses sounds so good. Loved this post xoxo


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