Late 2020 TBR + Predictions | The Poppy War Trilogy, AEITA, And Four Other Fantasy Books of This Year!

The Poppy War trilogy by R.F. Kuang

It’s November, the month where an amazing series’ finale will be released, and I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t even finished my reread of The Poppy War—the first in the trilogy. But now that I have the paperback of The Dragon Republic, hauled in October 2020, I’m not left with any reason to not finish that reread and finally pick up this sequel. And considering the very amazing fact of having received an early digital copy of The Burning God, this month is going to end it all and I’m ready to cry.

Prediction: [mild + potential spoiler] Where The Poppy War ended is such a huge cliffhanger that I can’t make any guesses except for Rin becoming more fiery, conflicted, and pained. Also, seeing everyone who has read The Burning God already, I have this weird feeling that Rin might die at the end. Surely, someone from these characters who are just so complex will say goodbye to us but who? As for the ratings, I’m sure it’ll be five for both the sequels.

An Ember in the Ashes, A Torch Against the Night, and A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir

One of those titles I’ve been meaning to read ever since I started blogging, but an unexpected rush to read upcoming books has always pushed it too far behind on my TBR. I even tried to simply start listening it through an audiobook (even though I mostly avoid fantasy books through audio) and had to give up halfway through AEITA because Helene was too annoying. I was then suggested by some huge fans of the series that a physical copy can help me potentially skip some bits in narration so I decided to halt reading these books till I can hold them in my hands. BUT Gargee gifted these titles in the last week of October and I don’t have any excuse to make for not having read this, especially since the final book is releasing in December.

Prediction: Considering where I had stopped reading further in AEITA, I think there’s something huge that’s going to happen and I’ve already witnessed high anxiety-filled scenes in this book so seeing the climax that’s approaching, I’m sure it’s going to be painful. Can’t comment anything about the sequels but the readers I trust have talked about the perfection that these books are so I have high expectations from the sequels too. As for the ratings, I had already decided to give five stars to AEITA (having read till 65%) so hopefully the sequels should be holding up that rating too.

Archer at Dawn by Swati Teerdhala

The confidence I have in this sequel is evident from the way I nominated it for The Bookish Jazz Awards 2020 without having read it yet. The Tiger At Midnight was the 2019 birthday month release that I had been eyeing since a year before it hit the shelves and when I did finally read it during spring of this year, I got exactly what I’d expected and so much more. It’s also one of those books that motivated me to take a step further and actually focus on my own Hindu mythology inspired story, so there’s no way I won’t enjoy this sequel.

Prediction: [mild spoiler for book one]  The way there was another character hurriedly mentioned towards the last arc of the first book, I’m sure there’s some sort of love triangle into being. The kingdom politics and rebellion being a prominent theme in The Tiger At Midnight makes me excited for what more will be offered in the same aspect. My experience says that a middle book always takes away a character so maybe a death? I don’t know, I really hope not. As for the rating, I think I’d easily give this a five, if it doesn’t suffer from the second book syndrome.

Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

I feel like everyone has read this stunning debut fantasy and everyone has loved it. I mean, look at that rating and all the five stars by almost everyone! I had this on my TBR, especially after I received an ALC from LibroFM but it never moved too high on my TBR oops but seeing a recent reading vlog by Mis over on booktube has made me so excited that I wish to read this fantasy now more than ever.

Prediction: I’ve heard it has lots of magic and complexity and I love magic and complexity so five stars it is.

Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

Despite having received a beautiful physical ARC of this YA fantasy in September, I haven’t read it yet, and yes, I’m ashamed because there are some really good things being said about it. Especially since a sapphic romance, a dark fantasy, and the overthrowing of patriarchy is something I would absolutely love. Time to finally read it!

Prediction: While I had immense faith in this title, some of the reviewers I trust haven’t enjoyed certain aspects of the storytelling and that has made me slightly weary, but not much. I would want to stay on a safe ground and say three stars, at the least, and hopefully more.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

After my free trial of Scribd recently got over and this title remained in my list as ‘unlistened’, I rushed to Twitter for help and came back with four free months of using the app. So there’s nothing I will be listening to before I read this queer paranormal fantasy that has everyone shouting about it in praises.

Prediction: A ghost-human love story where the trans MC brings people back from the dead, and based on Latinx folklore, sounds so good that there’s nothing I’m expecting other than finding a new favourite.

What will you be reading towards the end of the year? Have you already read any of these? Which title should I pick up first? Would love chat in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Late 2020 TBR + Predictions | The Poppy War Trilogy, AEITA, And Four Other Fantasy Books of This Year!

  1. Most of these books look sooo good. I’ve heard so many good things about all of them, and even though I never actually finished A Reaper At the Gates, when I eventually pick up the series I know I’ll love it (it’s weird personally I was never able to finish the series even though I enjoyed it a lot). Sending you luck for reading TDR+TBG, it’s a bumpy ride. I finished it yesterday and I spent so much time just thinking about it this morning hahah my entire morning pages for today was just 3 pages on TBG and TPW and how much it emotionally impacted me. I would recommend you read TPW first but I literally can’t even read anything right now because of how much it emotionally impacted me so perhaps something slightly lighter to begin with!!!


  2. Omg I LOVE your tbr so much!! Literally all of them are also on mine haha. I NEED to finish the Ember series otherwise the internet can just… idk cancel me or something haha. I have been meaning to continue for AGES but just keep putting it off because I’m sacred for my emotions welp. But also need to get my hands on the Poppy War series, and also Cemetery Boys. I do have Cinderella Is Dead and it looks so good. Loved reading this post Fanna <3<3


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