Pondathon II is a year-long readathon that takes the story-driven idea of The Quiet Pond’s previous instalment of this readathon to an even cuter level. Read books. Collect plants. Decorate a garden. Sounds simple and exciting! With a flexibility to read at one’s own pace, the most fun idea of quests, and the amazing little hand-drawn plants one can earn by reading books, I instantly knew I had to sign up! And you can too, here.

Major Credits: CW @artfromafriend

Even though I wanted to participate in this readathon for the overall concept and because it would give me a fun reason to read more books, I can’t help but think that maybe character creation for Pondathon II is what actually pulled me in. I mean, who doesn’t want to create a character using CW’s lovely art: the fish base, those glasses, that adorable bow, the very handy spade, and the very pretty apron. Though, to make my character more personalised, I did add three tiny details—that light blush, the round jalebi, and the design on that apron! Doing all of this made me so happy. 💛

Well, time to introduce my character. Everyone, please cheer Ira (eh-rah)—she blushes a lot, is super desi, and eats a lot of jalebis. Ira is ready to help save the forest, decorate her garden, and earn plants by reading a lot of fantasy books. She’s also enthusiastic about puns; pretty evident from her title: the fin-tastic reader of fanta-seas. Below is what her garden currently looks like and Ira has set a reminder for herself to update this post every time she gets new plants or rewards. So if you wish to keep cheering her, maybe bookmark this tweet where she’ll be tracking every book too.

Create your own character card here!
The Garden – last updated: January 10.

Time for the TBR! I’ve always called myself an eclectic reader and while that’s quite true, I’ve recently faced my reading stats and had to conclude that I do read a genre more than others, and that’s fantasy. So I went on Twitter (which is pretty a good place to get book recommendations when the reader community isn’t—rarely—engaging in tired discourses] and asked everyone for some fantasy titles.

Since I often find myself reading a lot of advanced copies or beta reading early works, I decided to restrict this list to only backlist titles. And now I have forty fantasy books I hope to read in 2022. Some of the books in this list are also sequels that are high on my TBR and some physical books I can see on my shelf right now. Of course, I need all the encouragement I can get so don’t forget to leave a ‘good luck’ or a clown-faced emoji in the comments. 💀


Which of these books should I read first? ✨

7 replies on “Pondathon II TBR — 40 Fantasy Books I Hope To Read This Year

  1. That’s an excellent list of books Fanna !!! I was thinking of starting Master of Sorrows… let’s see how that plan goes because that book is intimidating 😂😂


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