April is here—is earth rotating a little too fast?—and it brings with it some interesting South Asian releases. There are quite a few series instalments, from middle-grade adventures to dark fantasy sagas. The domestic backdrop of suspense stories is calling and romances are playing out on cruises and takeaway notes. For the first time, such a list is highlighting board books and picture books too!

Dirty Laundry: A Novel by Disha Bose

A twisty, domestic suspense debut about a clique of mothers that shatters when one of their own is murdered, bringing chaos to their curated lives. Big Little Lies meets Desperate Housewives. Buy now!

Farah Loves Mangos by Sarthak Sinha

A heartwarming story about a young girl who learns to love the unexpected when she finds her favourite mango tree empty one summer. A picture book that focuses on inter generational bonding. Buy now!

Our World: India by Meera Sriram

Wake to a myna bird’s song, dine on dal, count mango trees and more. A board book that focus on daily life in India, rather than landmarks, offering real insights into this culture. Buy now!

The Boy Who Saved A Bear by Nizrana Farook

In this fourth thrilling adventure set in a fictional Sri Lanka, a boy and a bear become friends, evade bad guys, and hope a key will unlock the answers to the mystery so that they can return home. Buy now!

Rule of the Aurora King by Nisha J. Tulli

Second in the Artefacts of Ouranos series—a glittering fae romance—where fated mates must team up to search for a lost item while one of them runs behind secrets and the other plots to bring down the king. Buy now!

Elder Epoch by Zamil Akhtar

The third in Gunmetal Gods Saga, this dark fantasy epic unravels as a holy war boils between four gunpowder empires, a blood plague infests the soil and sea, and eldritch angels vie for dominion. Buy now!

Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat by Sonya Lalli

An impulsive decision to join an Alaskan cruise getaway brings the chance for an onboard romance in this new enemies-to-lovers that “had [Amy Lea, Set on You] laughing out loud from the beginning”. Buy now!

I Kick and I Fly by Ruchira Gupta

A hopeful story of triumph about a girl in Bihar, India, who escapes being sold into the sex trade when a local hostel owner helps her to understand the value of her body through Kung Fu. Buy now!

Love on the Menu by Mimi Deb

One takeaway dinner. Two lonely hearts. When her list of resolutions accidentally makes its way to his restaurant, he slips in a note of his own with every delivery and eagerly awaits her reply. Buy now!

Advika and the Hollywood Wives by Kirthana Ramisetti

A page-turning tale of marriage where a young wife shaken out of love fog wants to divorce her husband and decides to investigate him through the eyes and experiences of his exes to concoct a plan. Buy now!

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