This blog can help provide a platform for a giveaway to be more successful and fulfil the aim it holds: to reach a wider audience. If you have a book, a merchandise for readers, a service, or a product that can align with this blog’s focus, I would love to collaboratively host a giveaway on either this blog or over on Instagram and Twitter. However, my contribution to the giveaways would not be monetary in any way and won’t be responsible for shipping or such.


With an experience in professional writing and authentic creation, I can publish posts that would bring focus on the sponsor or their product/service while also delivering value to my readers. I’m open to posting sponsored content on this blog as well as my Instagram. Monetary rates and a media kit with important stats can be provided via email for this paid collaboration, and an obvious disclosure will follow the post once it goes live on either or both platforms.


I’m always looking for more fun, especially when books are being brought to focus, so if you’re interested in curating a reading list with me, creating a book look along with me, hosting a bookstagram challenge or read-a-thon or a readalong with me, or have an idea you think I would fit in, definitely send me a quick message and I’ll be excited!


I’m open to asking some great questions to authors, bookish creators, publishing personas, and literary enthusiasts so if you wish to be featured on this blog, do let me know. If you have an article you wish to publish through an engaging platform like this blog, send it in and the guest post would certainly be considered. You can also provide me with questions or guest post ideas to feature me on your platform, and I would certainly consider it.


If there is a product or service or business that I’ve personally found immense value in, I’m very open to promoting it on my terms while providing affiliate links to my readers that can help me earn a commission on every click or conversion. Like I’ve already mentioned, I will need to experience what I would be promoting before agreeing on using any sort of affiliate links. And clear disclaimers will be added to any and all posts with such links, if and when used.


I love clicking pictures and like to describe my Instagram feed as a mix of books, art, and lifestyle, laced with all the brightness and colours of my desi-ness. If you have a book, a merchandise, an outfit, or anything that you think would align well with my theme, send me an email to discuss rates and terms. This is a paid form of collaboration.