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Diverse Books That Fed My Desi Soul // Bookathon Blog

Growing up as a reader, I had never seen myself in the pages of a book. Every story was good but could never tug my heartstrings because none of them were relatable. Then I read these three diverse books that gave me a sense of belonging with the culture they portrayed, the characters they brought to life, and the desi-ness they had. So here I am, shouting my love for them—for what might easily be the hundredth time. 

Contributions & Collaborative Projects

South Asian content creators tell you what to gift each Zodiac sign in your life // Kulfi Beauty

A creative astrology-related article that features rising south asian content creators while they recommend products for those who share their zodiac sign. As an Aries, I knew my favorite has to be a part of this list for other goddesses of wrath so if you’re wondering what to add to your collection, check out my recommendation.


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