Muslim Musings consists of collaborations spanned over the month of April 2022, while aligning with Ramadan, to focus on Muslim authors and highlight their stories, tales, and writings, through interviews, guest posts, and recommendation lists. Make sure you support the authors, add new books, and find some favourites!

Guest Posts

Ana Lal Din, author of The Descent of the Drowned, elaborates on crafting complex characters —a sacred prostitute and a royal soldier— and writing raw, human experiences. Read more here.

Nafiza Azad, author of The Wild Ones, elaborates on creating the ‘Between’ —a world of magic— as a space to heal in a story driven by trauma, hope, and sisterhood. Read more here.

Sara Sharaf Beg, author of Salaam, With Love, elaborates on pushing past rigid lines and writing a young adult contemporary story that explores ‘growth’ in faith. Read more here.

Aneesa Marufu, author of The Balloon Thief, elaborates on how feelings of prejudice and unbelonging drive this debut young adult fantasy feat. a Muslim heroine. Read more here.

Nina Hamza, author of Ahmed Aziz’s Epic Year, elaborates on the power of ‘and’ when crafting a middle-grade coming-of-age tale about identity. Read more here.

Salma Hussain, author of The Secret Diary of Mona Hasan, recommends twelve recent and upcoming books by Canadian Muslim authors everyone should check out. Read more here.


Maleeha Siddiqui, author of Barakah Beats and Bhai for Now, on writing her middle-grade novels, young Muslim characters, and tales driven by family and faith. Read more here.

Aamna Qureshi, author of The Lady or the Lion and its sequel, The Man or the Monster, on her debut fantasy featuring an all Muslim cast, infusion of Pakistani culture, and forbidden romance. Read more here.

Reem Faruqi, author of Golden Girl and Unsettled, on her middle-grade novels-in-verse, compassionate stories about young Muslim girls, and poetic finesse with a focus on family. Read more here.

M.T. Khan, author of Nura and the Immortal Palace, on her upcoming middle-grade fantasy novel, inspiration behind this magical adventure, and the need to see brown kids as protagonists. Read more here.

Sabina Khan, author of Meet Me in Mumbai, on her young adult contemporary novels, stories of queer South Asian Muslim girls, and books that show diversity within a community. Read more here.

Naz Kutub, author of The Loophole, on his upcoming debut speculative fiction, portraying tough themes in the midst of heart and humour, and writing a young queer Muslim protagonist. Read more here.

Karuna Riazi, author of The Gauntlet and A Bit of Earth, on her upcoming contemporary retelling, crafting middle-grade stories, and writing a biracial character. Read more here.

Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, author of Ace of Spades, on her debut thriller featuring queer Black teens and crafting a young adult fiction with social themes like institutional racism. Read more here.