I recently read We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal and there’s nothing more unfortunate than me not picking it up earlier because I clearly would’ve been shouting about this amazing fantasy for two years since the time it released in 2018. Anyway, thanks to Rameela — the queen of all things We Hunt The Flame — I finally read the book and loved it so much. Of course, I have to do this book tag inspired by all the characters and created by Rameela herself.


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1. Zafira Bint Iskandar: an emotionally driven character

Esmae from A Spark of White Fire

Everything the main character of this Mahabharata inspired space fantasy, Esmae, does is stemming from some emotional ambition whether it’s love for a family she never had or anger for all that’s been done wrong — whether to her or to the ones she love.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN

2. Nasir Ghameq: angsty boy a character who’s at war with themselves

Crier from Crier’s War

Belonging to the oppressor side as an Automae in this future fantasy world, Crier is desperate to prove herself to her father but also finds herself being empathetic to the humans suffering through this rule. I’m sure Nasir and Crier would relate to each other.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN

3. Kifah Darwish: a foodie character or book with lot of food

Danyal from More Than Just A Pretty Face

The Pakistani-American teenager of this contemporary works as a part time chef and mentions a lot of desi yummy dishes like kheer, kofta korma, saffron-infused chicken biryani, and shami kabab to name a few. So yes, Danyal is a foodie and a confident brown guy.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN

4. Benyamin Haadi: A book with a “mom” character 

Laila from The Gilded Wolves

If I adored Laila for every time she told a squad member to eat something or how she actually baked something for everyone or addressing how someone isn’t getting enough rest, I would be in love with her as if I already am not.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN

5. Altair Al-Badawi: a secretive character

Demarco from Where Dreams Descend

Someone give Demarco a truth serum and ask him to spill all the beans because I’ve read the entire book and still only know how handsome, mysteriously broody, and gentlemanly he is. I love him, but there are things he’s hiding — I am sure.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN

6. Deen Ra’ad: a simp a pure cinnamon roll

Jamie from Yes No Maybe So

Right when Jamie saw Maya in that supermarket aisle during the first chapter, he is smitten. And I’m no one to complain because their love story is so cute and filled with the sweet & awkward moments, and I guess half of the credit goes to our simp lover boy.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN

7. Yasmine Ra’ad: a character you wouldn’t want on your bad side

Rin from The Poppy War

I don’t wish to burn alive.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN

8. Lana bint Iskandar: a character who had to grow up too quickly 

Noam from The Fever King

From taking care of his sick father who is an undocumented immigrant and living in the refugee slums, to surviving an outbreak of viral magic and becoming a witching, Noam has seen and does see a lot at a young age in this YA science fantasy.

Buy now: Amazon US | Bookshop UK | Amazon IN


Anyone can do this tag! But I’m tagging a few creators. If you decide to do this tag, please make sure to credit the original creator too: Rameela | Star Is All Booked Up

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  1. The garden scene. OMG. It’s so strange because I thought DeMarco was going to be such an ass but turns out he’s a gentlemanly cutie.


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