Today this blog is so excited to reveal the cover of The Man or the Monster by Aamna Qureshi — sequel to The Lady or the Lion, a YA fantasy set in a Pakistan-inspired world full of forbidden love and court intrigue. The title, second in the The Marghazar Trials, will be released on July 26, 2022 and you can add it on Goodreads now!

The cover features a painting by Asrar Farooqi and is designed by Maryann Appel. Qureshi’s poetic writing that has impressed readers ever since the first book was released in 2021, is sure to mesmerise us all in this sequel too. And here’s a quote that would only make us anticipate The Man or the Monster even more.

“Mohabbat, true love, is rare and beautiful and does not bloom often, but when it does, you must do everything in your power to ensure it thrives and flourishes and lives.”

You can now preorder this book here!

She made her decision. Now she has to live with it.

Durkhanai Miangul sealed her lover’s fate when she sent him through a door where either a lady or a lion awaited him. But her decision was only the beginning of her troubles. Durkhanai worries that she might not be the queen her people need or deserve when conflict threatens her kingdom.

Her presumed-dead father comes back with a vengeance and wishes she join him in his cause. But her family’s denial of his revenge forces Durkhanai to take matters into her own hands and she must decide whether to follow the traditions of her forefathers or forge a new path on her own.

Aamna Qureshi is a Pakistani, Muslim American who adores words. She grew up on Long Island, New York, in a very loud household, surrounded by English (for school), Urdu (for conversation), and Punjabi (for emotion). Much of her childhood was spent being grounded for reading past her bed-time, writing stories in the backs of her notebooks, and being scolded by teachers for passing chapters under the tables. Through her writing, she wishes to inspire a love for the beautiful country and rich culture that informed much of her identity.

Her debut novel, a Pakistan-inspired YA fantasy about a desi princess and forbidden love, THE LADY OR THE LION, is out now. The sequel, THE MAN OR THE MONSTER, is out summer 2022. WHEN A BROWN GIRL FLEES, a YA literary novel about a hijabi teen who runs away from home in order to find herself, is out in 2023.

When she’s not writing, she loves to travel to new places where she can explore different cultures or to Pakistan where she can revitalize her roots. She also loves baking complicated desserts, drinking fancy teas and coffees, watching sappy rom-coms, and going for walks about the estate (her backyard). She currently lives in New York. Look for her on IG @aamna_qureshi and Twitter @aamnaqureshi_.

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